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The general purpose of the "CorazonEspañol.es®" project is to promote harmony and the common good, from the universal perspective of Hispanic-Catholic culture and tradition, promoting knowledge, reflection and debate about social reality. , religious, political and economic society.


By virtue of the "General Conditions" that regulate the provision of this service, the Users agree to guide the contents that they host, publish or communicate towards the fulfillment of the "General Purpose" of the Website "CorazonEspañol.es®", being obliged to make a reasonable and responsible use of the communication service and the contents deposited, and to point out the sources of their publications when they are not of their own origin in order to keep the right of appointment and intellectual property of their authors.

In order to ensure good coexistence within the community and ensure compliance with its "General Purpose", it is prohibited to host, communicate, publish and disseminate information, content or links, which in any way propose, induce or promote principles, theories, ideologies, attitudes or activities that violate the laws established in Spain, are contrary to the Catholic faith, the integrity and dignity of people, freedom of conscience, fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized constitutionally, or that in some way violate morality, public order and generally accepted good customs. And particularly, without the following catalog having an absolute character, anything that violates the following special prohibition clauses.

  • First: The publication of contents and communications of an illicit, immoral, irreverent, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, abusive, violent, abusive, offensive, humiliating, sexual or pornographic nature is not authorized in particular. That incite panic, hatred, confrontation, rebellion or social conflict. That promote racial, ethnic, religious or sexual discrimination, or that in general hamper good understanding, social peace and friendship between people.
  • Second: The registration or creation of user profiles with data or unlawful motives is not authorized in particular. The use of false or foreign identities, which may involve the commission of crimes or damages to third parties. The collection of information by fraudulent, disloyal or illicit means. The harassment or the impersonation of the identity of other Website Users. The transmission of data that express private information of third parties without having obtained their consent. The communication of information that explicitly may cause harm to the privacy, privacy, integrity, honor and dignity of third parties. The violation of secrecy in communications or the regulatory rules for the protection of personal data.
  • Third: It is not authorized in particular the communication, publication or dissemination of information, links, advertising or content outside the "General Purpose" of the Website or the general interest of Users. The access or attempt of access and manipulation to the restricted areas of the community, user accounts or resources of the Website, without fulfilling the required conditions or having the due authorization for it. Any activity that in any way may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of physical or logical systems, "CorazonEspañol.es®", services, their suppliers or third parties, or computer equipment , documents, files and all kinds of content stored on any computer equipment.

The breach by any User of the "General Conditions", "Content Rules" or any other additional service rule that could be established, will be taken into account by the Administration of "CorazonEspañol.es®" as a fault against the community of users, which may be taken as serious if it refers to any term established in the special clauses, or very serious when several terms are breached or is repeated in the offending behavior, which in any case will be licensed to the Administration for, depending on the seriousness of the matter and according to its criteria, according to the law, remove the contents that violate these conditions and temporarily limit or suspend the access license of the offending User immediately and without prior notice. In application of this, the service could be suspended indefinitely to the User, which in no case will imply the right to compensation.

The Editor of "CorazonEspañol.es®" acts as a content provider and information intermediary, which makes available to the User a space on the Website under the established terms, assuming solely and exclusively the liability derived from the diligence that may be required. by law. The Administration may limit or deny access to Users, communications, information, contents, expressions, opinions or comments that violate these "General Conditions", being able to install, if appropriate, filters and specific measures for such purposes. The above does not imply, in any way, the obligation of the Administration to control all content that may be disseminated through the Website, but the will to avoid as far as possible, that may spread content that violates the laws in force in Spain or attempt against morality and public order.

by the acceptance of these rules, the User is responsible for the maintenance of the data and information contained in his profile and the information, contents, expressions or opinions that in any way host, communicate, publish, disseminate, or make available to third parties through the Website. The Editor and the Administration of "CorazonEspañol.es®" expressly declare that they do not identify with any of the opinions, expressions or publications that Users may issue personally or anonymously, and that they assume no responsibility, direct or subsidiary, derived from the breach of these rules or misuse of the Website, services, activities, dependent servants, or the contents located within, not being considered editorial responsible for these.

The Administration of "CorazonEspañol.es®" is not responsible for interactions or personal relationships between Users, reserving in any case the power to investigate any action or publication occurred or disseminated within the framework of it, in order to move, edit, close, or delete any content that for any reason violates these rules, the "General Conditions", the current law, or in any way may cause damage to the integrity, honor, dignity and good name of the Users, the Editor, the Administration , the Promoters of the Website or third individuals or legal entities.